When is the best time to take collagen?

Before starting with the consumption of collagen, you must ask yourself, what is your goal when taking it? The time you consume it will depend on your answer.

For example, there are people who prefer to take it on an empty stomach, while others prefer to do it at night.

It should be noted that regardless of the time in which you decide to take it, collagen has excellent benefits for your body such as strengthening your hair, improving the appearance of your skin and strengthening bones and cartilage.

If you want to know how the schedule in which you take your daily dose of collagen influences, I recommend that you read this article.

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When is the best time of day to take collagen?

Depending on the part of your body or organism, which you are interested in improving is the time that specialists recommend that you take your daily dose and see the desired benefits.

If your goal is to improve the state of your intestine, the best option is to do it in the morning, on an empty stomach so that the protein is better absorbed and you can improve your digestion.

On the contrary, if you want to have a deep and restorative rest during the night, it is best to take 15 grams of collagen before going to sleep. This is because glycine helps relax the nervous system.

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If you characterize yourself as a person who enjoys practicing sports, it is very likely that your ‘goal’ with the consumption of collagen is to keep your bones and joints in good condition, then your right time is 1 hour before your routine with a dose of 15 grams of collagen plus 50 mg of vitamin C.

And, to keep blood sugar levels in order, it is best to consume 9 to 15 grams of collagen before your meal.

When is the best time to take collagen peptides?

Although according to your needs you can decide when it is better to take collagen, the reality is that the experts say that there is no study that proves that the time in which the collagen intake is carried out can directly affect the results that are observed.

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However, there are studies that show that the more you enjoy the way collagen is consumed, the more it is absorbed and the results are reflected.

On the other hand, although it is not linked to the effectiveness of the results, it is important that if you are new to collagen consumption you divide your dose in two since after all you are consuming protein and by dividing the dose you can avoid intestinal inflammation.

Regarding sports performance, there are cases of injury where the use of collagen can be considered as an ally in recovery and therapies.

If that is the reason, in the case of men, it can be consumed in a range of 15 and 30 minutes before the training routine in order to have the highest peptides in the body during the time it is carried out in rehabilitation.

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When is the best time to take collagen powder?

As we repeatedly talk, there are not enough studies that deny or confirm that the time of day in which collagen is consumed can have an impact on the results.

However, there are different reliable sources that mention different times or times of the day which you can adapt or use to improve your results.

For better absorption of collagen powder (like vital proteins beauty collagen), it is recommended that if you consume a small one, wait at least between 1 and 2 hours to take your dose of collagen and in the case of complete or larger meals, what is suggested is that you wait between 3 and 5 hours.

As you will see, the time and moment of the day you take your collagen supplements are chosen by you, adapting it to your needs and schedules.

You can try some of the schedules that we mention in this article and see if you see any changes or variations in the changes that are presented.

The important thing is that regardless of the time you can take your collagen supplement, whenever you do it, you are strengthening your body.

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