How to get glowy skin naturally

Most of us are in constant search of healthy and glowy-looking skin, although we know that this effect can be achieved or emphasized with the use of the correct makeup products, the truth is that most of us want to achieve it in a natural way.

Achieving the appearance of healthy and beautiful skin depends on several factors and we know that sometimes the appearance of our skin is linked to genetic factors.

The good thing about all this is that you can start doing things from home, such as a good diet, a correct skincare routine, hydration, etc.

In this article, we explain a little more about everything you can do to achieve glowy and healthy skin.

What is a ‘glowy’ skin?

Although for each of us a glowy or radiant skin can be achieved in different ways, the reality is that when this is achieved naturally, it results in smooth skin, with few imperfections and hydrated. Eye this does not mean that the skin has to be perfect, but healthy.

Let’s remember that it is normal for our skin to have visible pores, expression lines, or even birthmarks.

What influences the appearance of the skin?


Some of the most common skin diseases such as dermatitis have a genetic background.


When our hormones are not in balance this is reflected in different aspects of our body and this includes our skin. In this type of situation, before taking action with any homemade product or recipe, it is best to visit your doctor. Remember that all change starts from the inside out.

Treatments or Medications

The perfect and most common example of this is when we take a contraceptive and see side effects on our skin.

Sun exposure

Excessive and unprotected sun exposure is one of the main causes of skin damage, for these reasons, on sunny days it is advisable to use sun protection.

Basic skincare routine for glowy skin


Cleaning your skin is one of the bases to achieve a healthy appearance, this is the step where we remove dirt, makeup, and excess sebum.

We recommend that you choose a pH-balanced cleanser, this makes the product gentler on your skin.

Remember to cleanse your face when you wake up, before going to sleep, and after activities that make you sweat.


The reason skin hydration is so important is that hydration products lock in moisture from the skin. If your skin type is oily, make sure you use an oil-free moisturizer.

Solar protection

The use of sunscreen is not optional, as we have already discussed before, without the use of sunscreen the rest of your efforts to keep your skin healthy will be in vain.

Even on cloudy days or the winter season, you must use the sunscreen that is most suitable for you.

Factors to consider when choosing a sunscreen:

  • Spread spectrum
  • Which is suitable for your skin type
  • Have sun protection greater than 30 SPF
  • Preferably use a mineral-based protector

Foods to maintain radiant skin

Although it may sound cliché, beauty begins from within, so how we treat our body is very important. Of course, good nutrition fits perfectly with this. Eating the right foods helps maintain healthy skin.
Don’t forget to consume:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Lean proteins
  • Healthy fats (olive oil, avocados, nuts)

Also, try to consume foods that contain vitamins A, C, D, E, Omega-3, and zinc.

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