How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

Collagen supplements are popular among those seeking healthier and more youthful skin and stronger bones. It helps in the prevention of anti-aging.

Results of collagen supplements are not instant, yet some provide quicker results than others. The varying effects of the best collagen supplements can also depend on the individual and their current health status. 

Today, we are sharing more on what factors cause collagen supplements to take longer or a shorter amount of time to work. More detail on how long most supplements take to work is to follow.

What is a collagen supplement?

Collagen is a protein, which is the most abundant protein in the entire body. It plays a vital role in connecting tissues, structuring the skin, and supporting the bones. A lack of collagen causes poor bone health and aging of the skin. 

Although collagen is readily available in food sources and nutrients, sometimes people prefer supplementing collagen for maximum results. Most supplements contain hydrolyzed type I collagen, which is from hides, bones, and fish. Type I collagen consists of essential amino acids that allow the accessories to break down sufficiently in the body. 

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More on how collagen supplements work to follow:

How long do collagen supplements take to work?

The time it takes for a collagen supplement to work relies upon various factors. In general, studies show that noticeable improvements to the skin and bones take up to four weeks

If you are not seeing results within the general four weeks, it is beneficial to continue using them until you see results. Results depend on these various factors:

Regular sun exposure

If you regularly expose your skin to the sun and harmful UV rays, it can cause damaged skin. Damaged skin takes longer to heal, which means it will take the collagen more time to work.

Poor lifestyle habits 

Regular smoking and alcohol consumption can contribute to poor skin and bone health. Hence, it may take collagen longer to show noticeable results. To excel results and maximize your health, cutting out poor lifestyle habits will help.

Dietary choices

Diets that are high in sugar and fatty foods result in poor skin health. Sugar can slow down or inhibit collagen production. Cutting out these food groups will improve skin to get un Joli visage and good body health. Sugar reduction will also allow collagen production to improve, which will help the supplements work faster.

Limited sleep 

Lack of sleep can cause fatigue, which can slow down collagen production. A slower output of collagen will cause supplements to take longer to work. 

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A lack of effective skincare

If your skin is sensitive or dry, it will need extra care to maintain moisture levels. Hydrated skin produces and benefits from more collagen. Ensuring you have an effective skincare routine will help keep the skin healthy. 

Collagen supplements work faster for skin that is already in good condition and health. Hyaluronic acid is useful for maintaining and improving skin health. 

A lack of effective skincare will cause collagen supplements to take longer to work.

Similarly, if the body or the skin is dehydrated, it can cause collagen levels to decrease.

Discover the selection of our best collagen creams that will help you in your skincare routine.

Wound healing abilities

Skin repairing is different for each individual. If your skin and wounds take a long time to heal, this may be a sign of slow collagen production. It is possible to increase wound recovery time with collagen-boosting foods and nutrients. 

Depending on your lifestyle and skincare choices, collagen supplements can take longer to work on some people over others. It is possible to increase the time it takes for collagen to improve skin and lifestyle health.

Collagen causes little to no risk. But, supplements can interact with other medicines or current health conditions. See more on side effects of collagen supplements here:

Side Effects and Risks of collagen supplements

Collagen supplements are a guaranteed, safe, and efficient way to improve the health of your bones and skin. It is rare for them to cause side effects and health risks. Yet, this depends on the individual’s current health status and medical concerns. 

General side effects of healthy consumers consist of a bad taste in the mouth or digestive issues.

It is more common for consumers to incur potential side effects and health risks if they have allergies. Allergens that may interact with collagen supplements include:

  • Fish 
  • Shellfish
  • Egg

Manufacturing ingredients vary, so always ensure to check the label before consuming collagen supplements. 

There is insufficient evidence to suggest whether collagen supplements are suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding, or nursing mothers. Thus, seek professional advice from your doctor before using collagen products.

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Alongside side effects, it is essential to look over the pros and cons of collagen supplements, so see if they are suitable or necessary for you:

Pros and Cons of collagen supplements

There are several pros and cons of collagen supplements you may wish to consider before buying and using.

Readily availableCan interact with allergies
Many proven health benefits for the skin and bonesCollagen supplements are not yet FDA-approved.
Generally safe to take
Offers long-lasting results with regular use
Guaranteed results with continued use

If you agree that collagen supplements are suitable and beneficial for you, you may want to know more about where to buy them:

Where to buy collagen supplements

The great thing about collagen supplements is that they are available worldwide. You can find verified sellers online and in-store. 

Due to the popularity of collagen supplements, there is an abundance of manufacturers. Not all are as effective as one another, and not all are guaranteed to be safe. Before purchasing, ensure to do your research. 

It is always best to purchase from verified retailers such as Holland and Barrett, Amazon, and various brand websites and stores. 

Supplements are readily available and affordable in health stories. There you will find numerous brands. Again, it is best to do your research for which will best suit you.

For more information on how to take collagen supplements, refer to our guide below:

How to use collagen supplements: the complete guide

Collagen supplements are available as capsules, gels, or powders. Due to varying products, dosage requirements vary. 

In general, studies suggest between 2 and 10 grams of collagen per day is safe and efficient enough to provide results. 

Your doctor and the manufacturer can provide more detailed dosages to respect. 

Is it possible to overdose on collagen supplements?

An overdose of collagen can cause hard and thick skin. A person would need to consume a lot for this to happen. But, there have been reports of it in the past. 

Not only can an overdose cause harm to the skin, but it can also affect the heart, kidneys, and lungs.

Ensure you stick to the dosages recommended preventing any severe harm to your skin. A healthy dose will offer effective results for healthier, more youthful skin. 

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How much collagen should you take to see results?

2 to 10 mg of collagen per day is enough to see results. This dosage may vary depending on the concentration of collagen in supplements. Always check the label and manufacturer’s advice on the dosage of collagen to respect.

When is best to take collagen supplements?

It is suitable to take collagen morning, noon, or night. But for those with digestive issues, it is ideal for taking collagen in the morning. For those who have trouble sleeping, collagen can help with that. Thus, taking collagen before bed can be better for those with sleep issues.

What is the best form of collagen to take?

There are three forms of collagen – powder, gels, and capsules. Reports show that powders are the most versatile and suitable for each consumer. 

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If you prefer to take gels or capsules, you will attain the same benefits and achieve the same results.

You can also use a cream containing collagen. In this case, we recommend the XYZ Smart Collagen face Cream

Can collagen make you gain weight?

There are no reports to suggest that taking collagen can cause weight gain. Several reports indicate possible weight loss or an increase in metabolism with regular consumption of collagen. But, there is no sufficient evidence on how or if collagen affects weight.

With those facts in mind, let us share our thoughts on how long it takes collagen supplements to work:

Collagen supplements can take a few weeks to work, often up to four weeks. For some, the timeframe of which they will see results will vary depending on various factors. Boosting collagen naturally through food sources and nutrients is an effective way to speed up how long it takes collagen supplements to work. 

For those with allergies or who are pregnant, it is best to seek advice before consuming collagen. There is not enough evidence to suggest that collagen supplements are safe for anyone to take for an extended period. 

Collagen supplements are beneficial to incorporate into your diet for firmer, youthful, and healthier skin.

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