Weight Loss Motivation – the definitive step by step guide

Losing weight is simple for some, and more difficult for others. As quick as it can be to drop a few pounds, keeping it off and staying motivated can be the hardest part to tackle. This journey needs as much mental strength as it does physical. 

Today, we are sharing the best motivation stories, advice to help you stay on track, and materials to guide you through your weight loss transformation in a step by step guide.

First, let’s begin with some of the greatest success stories:

Weight Loss Motivation Stories

With every personal transformation comes a story. Reading other people’s stories is sometimes the best way to understand that everyone can achieve their goals if they put their mind to it. 

Recognize that there are people on the same journey as you. Use this as your form of encouragement. These stories also prove that achieving your goal is not impossible. Here are a few famous and most successful accounts:

Adele – lost 100 pounds by giving up unhealthy foods

The singer Adele lost an incredible 100 pounds during her diet transformation. She claimed to have eliminated processed and sugary foods from her diet. She also incorporates a regular cardiovascular exercise routine into her new lifestyle. Simple changes can help anyone achieve and sustain such a transformation. 

Alec Baldwin – lost 30 pounds by cutting sugar 

In 4 months, actor Alec Baldwin lost over 30 pounds by eliminating sugar in his diet. His new lifestyle also incorporated regular pilates and yoga. This transformation shows that simple lifestyle changes can be effective.

Janet Jackson – lost 70 pounds through regular exercise 

After giving birth, singer Janet Jackson lost over 70 pounds by sticking to intense training four times a week. She claims her diet has always been quite clean but the addition of regular cardiovascular exercise helped her achieve her goal. Janet’s regular training shows that consistency is key.

Kim Kardashian – sustains her weight loss due to a balanced lifestyle

Kim Kardashian lost her baby weight and sustained her results by eating clean and exercising regularly. Kim eats a clean diet by restricting the amount of soda, sugar, and processed foods she eats. The majority of the diet is plant-based. Kim also tracks her calories and her workouts to help her stay on track. 

These successes demonstrate that the simplest lifestyle changes can help anyone achieve their intentions. They also verify that staying on course is key for maintaining weight reduction long term. The use of tracking calories, participating in regular physical activity, and eliminating certain foods from a diet can help sustain weight loss. 

Now, it’s time to get started. Below are the best ways to kickstart your journey and get motivated:

7 Ways To Get Motivated

When a person acknowledges that they want to lose weight, the key is finding the motivation to begin. It’s not always easy. But, by incorporating these 7 strategies you may find it a lot easier to kickstart your motivation:

1 – Identify your goals

Start by finding what it is you want to accomplish. Whether that’s losing 10 pounds, finding a healthier eating routine, or reaching a body fat percentage, you need to determine what you hope to achieve. 

Record all of the reasons you want to change your body in a book, a notepad, or any form journaling you prefer. From there, you can finalize your end goal. Studies show that goal setting and referring back to plans help keep a person driven and focused on what they set out to achieve. 

2 – Find a role model

Finding a role model is a great method to use when trying to identify your end goal. Many people pursue these goals in order to boost their confidence. 

If there is a person you inspire to be like, that should be your role model. Look at a picture when you feel unmotivated. Adding their photo to your phone wallpaper or on your fridge is a way to motivate you every day.

3 – Create your own plan

You do not need to follow strict diets to accomplish your goal. If you find it difficult to stick to set guidelines, make your own.

Start with small achievable goals. Clinical studies say that 1 to 2 pounds a week is attainable. Small and steady change is easier to sustain, as the body does not go through a sudden transition. 

It may be easier to base your plan on your current lifestyle. Research reveals that self-determined goals allow a plan to be successful and therefore, sustainable. 

4 – Join in on team activities

Team activities and social interaction are a great way to find encouragement. Being associated with like-minded individuals who are aspiring to reach similar goals to you can help you stay on track. 

Receiving regular feedback is a form of support. Getting this feedback will act as a support mechanism and will motivate you to keep going. 

A team activity can involve anything from diet groups to workout classes. Or it can simply be a diet partner. Seeing others succeed will also push you to achieve the same.

5 – Try something new

If you have previously tried to lose weight and have not succeeded, it may be because you were not enjoying the lifestyle changes. 

Trialing new foods or workouts may help you find something you enjoy. Make your lifestyle changes positive ones, which you will get excited to implement and use day-to-day. It could be anything from trying to eat plant-based for a week or partaking in your local pilates class. You will never know what you enjoy until you try new things. 

6 – Find professional help

If a workout buddy or diet group is not fulfilling your energy to keep you motivated, try seeking professional help. This includes dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers, and coaches. 

Some people need an extra push and form of support. All professionals can provide that. Even if you hire them to get you started, at least you will kickstart your journey in a positive way. 

7 – Get a pet

As much as human interaction can benefit your journey, so can animals. Dogs encourage people to get active. 

An animal companion will give you a reason to get out of the house and get active on the days you do not feel motivated.

Pets are also known to prevent the sense of loneliness and insecurity. This can inhibit depression and anxiety a person can face, which can often be the reason people cannot find the motivation or give up easily. 

Finding motivation is the key to getting started on your journey. Next is tackling the continuation and finding motivation when you feel like giving up:

Weight Loss Motivation (video)

Here is a video that will help you understand how to find lose weight motivation :


How To Stay Motivated During Weight Loss

Once you have found motivation and started on your journey, the last thing you want to happen is to fall off the bandwagon. There are a few simple but effective ways of continuing with your progress: 

  • Give yourself a break: reward yourself from time to time with time off or a hearty meal. When doing so, allow setbacks and understand this journey is easier to maintain when you learn to forgive yourself. 
  • Plan for challenges: not every day will be easy. Overcoming bad habits is difficult but giving yourself the breaks will help you continue your progress.
  • Question how you will feel if you stop: ask yourself how you would feel in a month’s time if you give up now. If that answer is negative, you will notice how good exercise and clean eating makes you feel. 
  • Journal: write down, track, and make time for your food, exercise, and thoughts. It will give you a reference to mistakes and witness your progression.
  • Weigh-in once a week: do not step on the scales every day. Weight can fluctuate so quickly, which means you will not get a true estimate. Weighing your weight change each week is enough time for your body to adjust and the scales to give an accurate result.
  • Keep a photo diary of your development: take a photo of yourself every 4 to 6 weeks. This will show you your progress and encourage you to keep going.
  • Find social support: social interaction is an effective motivator. It encourages positive behavior. Share your goals and progress with others to ensure you stay committed.
  • Stick to what you enjoy: don’t deprive yourself or push yourself so far that you fall off the bandwagon. Experiment with food and exercise to find what you get enjoyment from. Sticking to these variants will help you find excitement for what you have set out to achieve.

Staying on track and motivated every day does not come easy. Yet, it is possible with the right attitude and tips. 

Finding daily inspiration and keeping moving is not easy. But, with are few motivational quotes, you may find it that little bit easier:

Weight Loss Motivation Quotes

Social support is considered the biggest act of encouragement. Surrounding yourself with positive words will help push you in the right direction. Here are a few to inspire you every day:

Remember these quotes. Write them down on your phone, on your fridge, or your front door. Seeing them every day will help you remember why you are on this journey, what you want to achieve, and urge you to keep going. 

For more social support and guidance, you can use smartphone apps:

Weight Loss Motivation Apps

Mobile applications that are designed to help with weight loss are considered to be a great success. 

Many offer tracking features, coaching assistance, exercise, and food plans. They help a person stay on track through calorie counting and daily diet assistance. Food tracking is considered the most effective feature of the apps. It helps a person stick to their required daily nutritional intake.

The best apps include which include all of the most effective weight loss tools include LoseIt!, MyFitnessPal, Noom, and Weight Watchers. All provide a food database where a person can scan their food in order to stay on track with their calories. They also offer exercise plans, social community support, and access to professional guidance. 

The ease of access to such mobile applications means a person can have 24/7 diet assistance. 

Noom app for example offers live coaching, workout plans, meal options, personal quizzes, and more. This helps a person journal their goals, get help, and maximize their dieting efforts. It makes dieting exciting through the use of quizzes, games, and social support. To read more about the Noom app, find out more in our complete guide here

If you prefer traditional methods for reading advice and tracking your progress, below are the best weight loss motivation books:

Weight Loss Motivation Books

For a traditional approach to dieting guidance, books are a great option. They can range from an individual’s personal journey to guides and journal books. Below are the best 5 books to help you find motivation and guidance for your weight loss journey:

1 – For a personal story – Heavy: An American Memoir 

A very up close and personal story from Kiese Laymon allows readers to unfurl the struggles a person goes through due to their identity. Kiese Laymon highlights the worldwide issues that cause people to struggle with their appearance. 

2 – To understand the everyday struggles of dieting – The Elephant In The Room: One Fat Man’s Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America

This book unravels an obese man’s journey through life and his decision to lose weight. It uncovers the issues obese people deal with and why lifestyle changes can benefit your health as much as it can your body.

3 – Find out the top weight loss secrets – The Obesity Code

Dr. Jason Fung’s book helps people unlock the biggest diet secrets. He educates his readers on how your body reacts to diets, the best ways to combat resistance, and how to reach ultimate health and well-being.

4 – For those seeking a complete lifestyle change – The Plant-Based Solution

If you are bored with your current lifestyle and want a complete overhaul, changing your food habits and carbon footprint can benefit you in many ways. This book helps readers acknowledge the power of plant-based foods and how they can benefit weight loss. The book’s overall aim is to support people in reaching optimal health through plant foods. 

5 – Discover how small changes make a big difference – Mini Habits for Weight Loss 

Find out how small changes in your routine can influence weight loss. This book will assist you in making new healthy habits and replacing old ones that are causing a lack of motivation and goal-reaching. 

Books are a great source of personal information. They can benefit a person in the same way support groups and social communities can. Most offer abundant knowledge and support, which is essential for finding motivation. 

For those seeking advice and motivation for weight loss, you may have some questions. See below for FAQ’s that you may have on your mind:


How do you lose weight fast?

Anyone can lose weight fast with a quick lifestyle change. A person can lose weight in one or two weeks by incorporating calorie restrictions and regular exercise. This can help a person burn fat and lose weight fast. But, to sustain a body transformation slow and steady changes are more effective.

How can I lose weight overnight?

The human body naturally loses weight overnight due to loss of water weight. It is common for a person to weigh less in the morning than they do the evening due to lack of food. Yet, overnight weight loss is not sustainable. Activities such as eating, drinking, and muscle training can cause weight fluctuation throughout the day.

Can I get rid of belly fat without exercising?

It is possible to reduce visceral fat, which is located around the belly and hips, without exercising. Consuming wholesome foods that are high in fiber can decrease fat in the body. This includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods are natural fat burners and are great for boosting metabolism. An increased metabolism can result in excelled fat burning. To stay on track with fat reduction, exercise can boost and sustain results.

Now, here are our final thoughts to take away with you:

Finding weight loss motivation is often tricky. But, with the right tools, it can be easier. Once motivation is found, a dieter can kickstart their journey and achieve their goal. 

Everyone will find they have unique and personal ways to get and stay motivated. Finding out your preferences will help you stay engaged and focused on your journey. Which, is the answer to long-term results. 

Remember to be easy on yourself. Allow setbacks and challenges as these will always happen. A flexible diet will help maintain your results and stay on track. 

If you have any further comments or concerns, share them with us.

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