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sell your fitness program online

How to sell workout plans online? The definitive guide (2023)

Are you wondering how to sell workout programs on the internet? In this article, you’ll learn more about the techniques that allow Yannis and me to earn more than €1,000 per month automatically. Do you know what? This is the same marketing method that is used by the biggest online sports coaches. By the way,

couple waiting in the bed

How long does it take for a male enhancement pill to kick in?

There are so many misconceptions about men enhancement pills, for example… Does it last all night? When should you take it? How many pills?…etc. Many brands fight against the ED (Erectile Dysfunction) to provide men with the satisfaction of an erection while performing sexual activities. It is recommended to take a men enhancement pill if

focus exercise work

Focus Exercises – 10 easy ways to improve your concentration

We all need to improve our concentration, and sometimes much more than we think. The Fast Track Project, a study that followed about 900 children over several decades, concluded that the most important discriminator of success (in school and work) was the ability to concentrate. Without knowing this study, many people realize the impact of

lack of concentraiton photo

Why can’t I focus? The 5 common reasons

Work should be over long ago, but your thoughts are still focused on what you did over the weekend. Or maybe you are dreaming about your next vacation. The mind is prone to distraction. But then a colleague’s email bursts into your reverie. That’s all you need. The distraction is total. Everyone knows such lapses

Goal setting

How to set and achieve your goals – The Ultimate Guide

Nowadays, a lot of goals are either planned to be set (for the procrastinators amongst us, you know who you are), or they have already been set, and patiently waiting to be achieved. Whether these goals are personal or business-related, it doesn’t always seem to be easy to accomplish them in the time you had


Arthritis – Causes, Types Symptoms, and Treatments

Joint conditions are a very common health condition millions of people develop each year. The most typical joint condition is arthritis. Arthritis is a joint disorder which affects the tissue around the joints. This can be caused by a variety of factors. From age, lifestyle choices or weight.  The most common forms of arthritis is