13 Lowest Calorie Alcoholic Beverages.

According to several specialists, some alcoholic beverages, especially wine, when consumed occasionally, can be beneficial to the body.

However, it is still a fairly high-calorie drink. The number of glasses of alcohol or cocktails that you drink during the day or evening, for example, is a barrier to weight loss.

As mentioned in the article, quitting alcohol allows you to lose weight, it has been shown that regular consumption of alcohol brings a significant amount of calories to the body.

This could hold back your chances of losing weight and have a fatal blow to your diet.

Our tip for losing weight? Show everyone who consumes alcohol that there are alcoholic drinks low in calories that are more beneficial to your figure.

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight? 

It is important to know that alcohol often contains more calories than we think, even if the number is not often highlighted on the bottles.

Indeed, they are mainly composed of sugar and ethanol.

And as is well known, sugar has a direct impact on weight gain, as it has a high-calorie count.

Drinks such as hard liquor and some cocktails contain as many calories as Coca-Cola.

Nevertheless, to relieve consumers, it should be noted that there are alcohol-based drinks with very few calories. It is therefore not essential to clear your entire bar of all your drinks.

What Are The Lowest Calorie Drinks?

Many alcoholic beverages are known to have a fairly low-calorie count.

To put them all on an equal footing and make it easier for you to compare, we’ll take a 100ml quantity as a reference for each drink, which is not for all alcohols, the equivalent of a glass or a shot.

Cider: Less Than 35 Calories.

If we’re ranking the lowest intake calorie alcoholic drinks were to be made, cider would certainly come in the first place.

Although many people don’t know it, this old drink, consumed in the time of the Egyptian pharaohs and the Romans, is the lightest in existence and one of the least drinks that contain alcohol.

If you want to consume alcohol without worrying about your figure, choose cider.

Made from the fermentation of sugar contained in apples, it contains less than 50 kcal per 15 cl glass of alcohol. If you are ever confronted with the terms “sweet” or “brut” cider, don’t worry.

Sweet cider does not mean more calories or sugar than raw cider, and apart from the taste, there is no difference.

The difference is due to the taste depending on the time of fermentation. Longer fermentation will result in a more pronounced taste of alcohol, while a shorter one will result in a drink with a fairly pronounced apple taste.

Red Wine: 90 Calories.

Obtained from the fermentation of black grapes, red wine is an ancient drink that has lasted for centuries.

Containing fewer calories than the rest, 90 calories for a glass of 100 ml, it is appreciated by many people, and especially by epicureans who would like to keep their figure while occasionally drinking alcohol.

What makes it attractive is that it does not contain any nutrients, and therefore, does not provide any energy to the body.

Red wine does contain polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that help fight cardiovascular disease.

This is why red wine is considered a low-calorie alcoholic drink, which does not make you gain weight when consumed in moderation.

Champagne: 80 Calories Per Glass.

When it’s 80 kcal for a glass of 10 cl, champagne is located in the range of festive alcohols and is at the top of the scale in terms of alcoholic beverages with the least calories.

Prized by both men and women on special occasions, it can be consumed without fear of ruining your diet.

Despite its low energy value, champagne often makes you get drunk more easily quickly because of its small bubbles. 

It is important to keep in mind that it is not water and to enjoy it in moderation.

Dark Beer: Less Than 50 Calories.

Brown beer is known to be the least caloric beer type. It gets its color from the light malt with which it is made.

Its consumption goes back to more than eight millennia, and it was King Charles VIII who in the 15th century gave this mixture of water and cereals the name of “Beer”.

With 46 calories per 100 ml, this is not the drink that will make you gain weight.

Even though dark beer contains fewer calories than the rest, it should be consumed in a reasonable manner, as it is generally will get you drunk with 500 ml pints, which would explode the calorie counter to 230 calories per pint.

The Mixed Beer: 36 KCalories.

Still called “beer lemonade”, it is a drink composed essentially… of beer and lemonade (logical, yes).

Formerly made at home, there are nowadays more and more of very good quality in different restaurants/bars.

Even if the brew is about as high in calories as sweetened drinks, such as fruit juices, and sodas, it is important to note that it is still low in calories than cocktails with or without alcohol and very strong alcohol.

This should not push you to excessive consumption. The key here is to know how to set limits.

Rosé Wine: 70 KCal Per 10CL Glass.

As you know, rosé is a type of wine that takes its name from its color.

Indeed, it can go from a light pink to an almost red-pink. It is one of the oldest wines in the world and is made from the fermentation of black grapes with white juice.

So don’t think that it is a mixture of white and red wine. Even if it is not the first drink you would recommend to someone who wants to reach his ideal weight or keep his figure, it is one of the least calories intakes in alcohol. 

Sangria: About 85 Calories.

Originating from Spain, this drink is quite appreciated for its pronounced fruity side.

Made mainly from fresh fruit, sparkling water, wine, and a little sugar. Sangria has the advantage of containing good nutrients and antioxidants thanks to the fruit it contains.

Be careful because the notion of “a little sugar” can vary greatly depending on the restaurant or the person serving it to you!

To keep a close eye on the caloric intake of this drink, it is therefore recommended to make it yourself, especially since many manufacturers add sweeteners and sodas rich in sugar.

Mimosa: About 75 Calories.

This drink comes first in the category of least caloric cocktails.

Composed essentially of champagne and orange juice, with a teaspoon of triple secs such as Cointreau or Grand Marnier, the Mimosa has only about 75 calories for a 100 ml flute, 85 calories for a 120 ml flute.

Its low-calorie content comes from the fact that this cocktail is not made with strong alcohol or sugar.

The Bloody Mary: About 80 Calories. 

This tomato, lemon, and vodka cocktail are one of the lowest-calorie drinks, especially if you add a lot of ice cubes to dilute it.

A 150 ml glass of Bloody Mary contains 123 calories.

On the other hand (and this is the case for most cocktails on this list), the downsize capacities of the Bloody Mary come mainly from the lemon, which is an effective natural fat burner.

The Mojito: 71 Calories.

Famous all over the world, the mojito is a clever combination of lemon, mint leaves, and rum.

It is also a drink that is perfect for those who want to control their weight without stopping alcohol completely. Therefore, a standard glass of mojito is equivalent to 155 calories.

Once again, it is far from a “healthy drink”, but if we have to choose, we might as well go for a cocktail that is “less devastating to the figure” than the others! 

Besides, if you don’t drink alcohol and want to lose weight quickly, why not go for a small plain mojito or any other type of non-alcoholic lemon drink?

The Salty Dog: 98 Calories Per 100ML.

Made with vodka and grapefruit juice, “The Salty Dog”, even if it is not the lowest calorie drink on this list, is more or less recommended for all those who would like to take care of their body.

Here again, you can thank the grapefruit which has strong slimming principles.

The Bellini: A Cocktail With 89 Calories.

Light and refreshing, the Bellini is a drink made mainly with peach puree, cane sugar, and sparkling wine.

Its caloric contribution is less because the classic processed sugar is replaced by cane sugar. So it will cost you 123 calories for a glass of Bellini.

On the other hand, replacing this type of sugar is a trick that can be made on other cocktails, because it is the main “caloric” culprit of these alcoholic mixtures.

Sparkling White Wine.

This white wine, which has the particularity of containing bubbles, is still called effervescent wine or sparkling wine.

Its bubbles are the result of the conservation of carbon dioxide produced during fermentation. This makes it a carbonated drink.

Sparkling white wine comes in several types, but it is advisable in terms of caloric value, to prefer the raw one to the dry or sweet one.

The latest has a higher or lower level of sugar concentration, which is not very good for your figure.

Between sweet sparkling wine and dry sparkling wine, you should opt for an option with lower sugar content.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that despite the low sugar content of sparkling wine, it should be consumed in moderation; alcohol alone is a good source of calories.

Table Of Calories Of Different Alcohols. 

It is important to know which is the least caloric drink, to be able to control our intake. Here is a table gathering the caloric contributions of each alcohol. 

Cider100ml33 kcal
Red Wine100ml90 kcal
Dark Beer100ml46 kcal
The Variegated100ml36 kcal
Champagne100ml85 kcal
Pink Wine100ml70 kcal
Sangria100ml85,1 kcal
The Bloody Mary100ml82 kcal
The Mojito100ml71 kcal
The Salty Dog100ml98 kcal
The Bellini100ml89 kcal
Mimosa100ml75 kcal
Sparkling White Wine100ml72,1 kcal

The Alcohol That Does Not Make You Gain Weight Is The One That You Have In Moderation.

In conclusion, there are hard liquors and alcoholic beverages that contain few calories.

Among these drinks, the three that take the lead are cider, mixed drinks, and dark beer.

However, we rarely drink only 100 ml of cider, mixed drinks, or dark beer; in fact, the classic glasses and containers served in restaurants or bars are much larger, between half-pint, 500 ml pint, or other glass.

So other alcohols, such as wine or champagne, or even the mimosa cocktail, can also be considered as the least caloric, served classically in a 100ml container, that is to say, a glass to which one can limit oneself.

Those who want to take care of their body or diet without eliminating all alcoholic drinks from their bar can be satisfied with these.

But it is important to keep in mind that alcohol abuse is harmful to your health. It is therefore important to know how to set limits by relying on occasional consumption.

Of course, and to finish, it is always advisable to practice physical exercises to lose body fat!

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