Vital proteins marine collagen [review]

If you are looking for the perfect collagen supplement or the most suitable for your needs, I am sure you have heard of the Vital Proteins brand.

Considered the most popular collagen supplement brand in the United States, they have different types of collagen such as collagen peptides, bovine collagen, matcha collagen, and marine collagen that is what we will focus on this time.

Surely you are wondering, what are the differences between marine collagen and the other types of supplements that also have collagen among their ingredients.

If you are interested in learning more about the subject, then keep reading.

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What is Vital Proteins?

If you did not know this collagen supplement brand was founded in 2013, you have to know that it was born out of a need like many brands.

Its founder and CEO Kurt Seidensticker decided to investigate what type of diet, method, or supplement could help improve the health of his joints, because for many he had enjoyed being a ‘runner’.

In that search he discovered that collagen could help him improve his lifestyle in different aspects, when he tested the benefits, he decided to share them with the rest of the people and that is why he decided to found vital proteins. Today her popularity is so great that last year Jenifer Aniston started a collaboration with the company.

In the case of collagen, which is of bovine origin, vital proteins raise its cattle in southern Latin America, to be more specific in Brazil, where the animals acquire a 100% grass-based diet.

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What are the benefits of Vital Proteins Marine Collagen?

First of all, you must know that the fish with which the Vital Proteins supplement is made comes from the coasts of Alaska.

Among its benefits, you can find the improvement in the appearance of skin and hair and the strengthening of nails and joints.

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen is a supplement that is characterized by being free of gluten, artificial colors, and flavors, of course, it does not contain dairy, so we can boast that its only ingredient is marine collagen peptides.

Regarding the benefits obtained for each portion or dose consumed, it is proven that each portion contains 12 grams of marine collagen, provides 8 to 9 amino acids, it is a hydrolyzed powder so it has no smell or taste, no contain hormones or antibiotics, the fish with which the supplement is made are caught in the wild.

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Benefits of marine collagen

review vital proteins marine
  1. It is better than bovine collagen as it is faster and easier to absorb.
  2. It is a hypoallergenic protein source from fish skins.
  3. It has a low molecular weight, which makes it easy for absorption.
  4. It contains a greater amount of glycine and proline, amino acids that are directly related to the health of the hair, skin and nails.
  5. Studies have shown that Vital Proteins Marine Collagen can help protect your skin from UV damage.

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Are there any restrictions on the consumption of Vital Proteins Marine Collagen?

It should be noted that the consumption of collagen supplements is one of the safest that exist, however, you must take into account that there are people who have shown skin-type reactions; this is surely due to some type of intolerance to marine collagen.

According to the results of certain studies, they show that it is not a very good option to mix it with coffee. Of course, if you are allergic to fish, we suggest that you avoid this type of supplement and lean towards another bovine or vegan origin.

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