How long does it take for a male enhancement pill to kick in?

There are so many misconceptions about men enhancement pills, for example… Does it last all night? When should you take it? How many pills?…etc.

Many brands fight against the ED (Erectile Dysfunction) to provide men with the satisfaction of an erection while performing sexual activities.

It is recommended to take a men enhancement pill if they are having problems engaging in sexual activities by not being aroused enough, with an erection, to be able to have penetrative sex.

Usually, men between the ages of 40-70 years old are affected by ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Many factors play an important part when having an ED, for example, smoking, large amounts of alcohol, drugs, and not enough exercise. 

How long does it take for male enhancement pills to work?

The safest and most effective men enhancement pills component that can treat ED would be Sildenafil, which is the generic version of the drug like Viagra.

The most common brands like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have similar natural ingredients like maca root, Kaempferia parviflora plant, and many more.

Usually, it would take between half an hour to forty minutes for the pill to take effect and feel the full effect. It lasts around two to three hours and may last longer with a greater prescription, but every brand it’s different, so each one has a different effect/endurance.

A side effect may lead to a painful erection, called priapism by restricting oxygen in the blood to the penis, which can lead to a paralyzed penis. If taken a greater prescription than suggested it can lead to a series of medical issues like heart attack, heart palpitations, and stroke.  

The men’s enhancement pill prescription for an ED (Erectile dysfunction) medication needs to be approved by the FDA to be safe and may include natural ingredients. A common component called PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) relaxes the muscles and lets blood flow through the penis.

Brands that contain PDE5 can be found in Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), and Avanafil (Vivus). The top 5 men enhancement pills are Viagra, Viasil, Vigrx Plus, Male Extra, ProSolution, and Extenze.

How long does it take for Viagra to work?

One of the most popular and most used brands is Viagra which contains the drug Sildenafil. It functions as the rest, you have to take one pill orally at least forty to an hour before performing sexual activities.

You need to be aroused in order to get an effective erection and the pill to work. The effect lasts like normal between three to five hours, if it lasts longer the patient should go see a doctor. In the first couple of minutes/hours, the patient’s erection should be in effect, and in most cases, by hour three the effect should be gone.

There are multiple dosages depending on the strength: 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. Multiple studies claim that between 45% and 85% of men have positive results and it improves their erections. Viagra can cause some mild side effects like headache, flushing, and nausea. For most men, Viagra is voted one of the favorites because of its long-lasting feeling.

How long does it take for Viasil to work?

One of the most high-quality men’s supplements in the market is Viasil. It also claims that in fact can make your penis feel and look bigger and have a better perfomance in sex. It has multiple benefits like powerful erection, enlarged penis size and brigher climaxes.

It is recommended to take one pill a day before eating and drink lots of water. Some patients say it takes them 30 minutes to feel the effect, others say a couple of days or even weeks for the full effect to kick in.

Every patient has a different approach, but on average is takes a couple of days to have a full erection with a long-lasting climax. It is recommended for patients to take a break after taking it for 3-4 months. The effect will still prolong for the same time as the break.

How long does it take for Male Extra to work ?

The difference between Male Extra and other supplements in the market, is that it claims to have better natural imgredients, like pomegranate ellagic 40%, that other brands don’t have. By having more organic ingredients it states to not show any negative side effects to Male Extra.

The regular dosage is to take three pills daily of Male Extra to get better erections, have a better performance and more orgasms.

Unlike other brands Male Extra claims to have better performance and you can see the pills kicking in as quickly as few weeks, but doesn’t have enough data to see how quick patients have effects when you start to take Male Extra. Even thought it has more natural ingredients than any other brand, it’s one of the few that has less credibilability and les medical research.

How long does it take for ProSolution to work ?

ProSolution is one of the oldest supplement with more than 10 years in the market, as well as having important medical backup information. Is one of the most love men enhancement pill by their customers than any other, by having elite ingredients.

Many customers increment the normal dosage by double to experience harder and multiple orgasms when performing sexual activities.

ProSolution has a similar effect like other brands, it doesn’t have an immediate effect, instead it takes around 2-3 weeks for the pills to kick in and feel a constant performance. If it’s consume in a regular daily basis with a regular dosage, many customers feel satisfy with their daily sex performance.

How long does it take for Extenze to work ?

The last one would be Extenze who claims to have the fastest results in the market, has a stronger performance and increase the size of the penis. The Extenze dosage is one pill daily for the next 3-4 weeks in order to see the ideal effect that last a cyle of 3-4 months, for each person is different, some claim to have a quicker effect than others but on average most claim the same.

It’s one of the most friendliest products by being plant based and have a better performance. It does have some mild side effects from acne, breast swelling and high blood pressure. This particular men enchancement pill is one of the few to have more controversies with the FDA (Food and Drug Association).

Do Men Enhancement pills really work?

In conclusion, each brand and person has a different reaction to each one. Most brands do have a quick effect with a lower intensity, while others take longer to have an effect but has a greater intensity. 

After reviewing the top 5 brands, each one has millions of sales, even if they claim to have a strong negative side effect. 

There is no scientific evidence or studies that back up information if men’s enhancement pills work, or if it increase sexual performance. It is recommended to have talk therapy and what’s really affecting that person’s stamina, sexual pleasure, and medical health. Always attend to your doctor before taking any medication over the counter.

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